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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Death of a snowman

Soft, fluffy, beautiful snowflakes fell again yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately from someone else's viewpoint) the temperature remained above freezing, so the new snow melted quickly.

The temps will rise into the 50's today -- so much of what remains of the snow will probably disappear.  Just in case we don't get another beautiful snowfall for another ten years,  I captured it in photographs from my back porch (didn't want to venture too far as  I fell once in the snow --yep, call me chicken, baucckkk, bbaaauuccckkk, bauccckkk).

Maybe I shouldn't have taken pictures, so that years from now, I can tell the grand kids about the blizzard of 09 and how we were stuck in the house for two days and had to survive with  the little food we had in the pantry, and how people were stuck in their cars for 20 hours, and when we were finally able to get out, the grocery store shelves were barren, and how grandpa and I got the last 1 lb bag of pinto beans and Rotel Mexican Lime & Cilantro on the shelves (that part is actually true), and how we helped a guy get his car out of the middle of the street, aaahhhhh you get my drift!  Yep, I'm already working on the tall tales I can tell years from now about our Christmas Eve snow!


And finally, my poor snowman, who is slowly melting into the ground.

This will certainly be a Christmas that many area residents will remember!  I hope each of you had a Christmas to remember.  Here's to a wonderful New Year!


;~D Frances

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