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Friday, November 20, 2009

Wichita Falls Family and Pet Portraits | Carolyn and Birdie

Okay -- since I don't have any grandchildren yet, can I brag on my granddog?????? OMG -- Birdie is sooooooo smart!  Carolyn and Michael have enrolled Birdie in dog obedience training -- and by golly, he's catching on!   He can sit -- and most importantly, he can stay!  I've always wanted to teach my dogs that -- but, they're not having any part of the "stay" command!

Anyhoo, we took the Bird Man out for a walk. This was a perfect opportunity to catch a quick shot of him while he was "staying" -- so we can prove to Rick that Birdie in fact is paying attention in class!

He's full of energy and oozzzezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love.

Annnnddddd -- before I make my own critters upset, here's a shot of my little chunky monkey -- Lola!

Time to sign off and start the Pink Vodka Sauce!

Have a wonderful weekend!

:~'} Frances

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