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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cold, dark, damp, Saturday

Hola friends and family. What a week! Rain, rain, and more rain. Cold, colder temps. Gray, grayer skies.

Grab a soda or a cup of coffee -- this post is a little wordy!

Here's a little ranting and raving over my local computer techs. As you might know, I had a computer failure last week after taking it to a local shop to see if they could retrieve some picture files I deleted. The owner was unable to retrieve any pictures -- so I went home, turned the puppy on -- and had weird error messages left and right. I called the guy up and he told me to do a few things -- but none of them worked. I did download a program and retrieved a number of my deleted pics.

The weird error messages persisted until Monday -- when the computer just went beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Then -- NADA!!!!!

So, I took my baby in to another local computer store -- and left it in what I thought were very capable hands. Remember, this is Monday. They told me it would take a couple of hours to run diagnostic tests -- and would call me when it was completed. By Wednesday, I am panicking -- because I hadn't received a phone call.

About noon on Wednesday, I called and found out that they had already diagnosed the problem (probably on Monday) and that my computer was still under warranty with HP -- and to call HP. Oh, the problem they said was that I had a mother board failure (huuuummmmm -- what is that???). Hey, has anyone ever heard of calling the customer back? If I hadn't called on Wednesday -- would my computer still be there?????

OK -- so I'm at least a little excited that my computer is under warranty and all I have to do is call HP and arrange for the shipping of my computer to HP. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh - not so fast grasshopper, must learn patience!

I call HP and told the very nice tech (Brian) what the 2nd computer tech told me -- and that I needed to send it to them for repair.

Brian then explained to me that he was going to walk me through the HP diagnosis procedure first (I was like WHY???? I've already had it looked at by professionals - fume, fume, fume, flames exploding out my ears!!!!!).

Brian stayed calmed, walked me through small tasks, taking my computer apart, moving things in and out, taking the memory boards out and putting them back, and finally, putting it all back together again. I am now a bonafide computer tech (well, in my own mind I am).

I plug all the cables and wires into the computer and now a drum roll pleasssseee! I gingerly pressed the power button, and voila! My computer started up just like in the good ole days! There was no stinking mother board failure! Brian told me that one of the previous guys probably didn't quite get something back into my computer just right! AAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!

So, what's a girl to do when she can't find a good computer tech in town?????? I mean, what if it wasn't under warranty, would they have said it was a mother board failure -- charged me for a new mother board -- and all it was, was making sure everything had been put back in place right?

Well, at least I have Brian at HP to thank! It did take us two hours to go through the process -- but I had a great outcome!

Ok - my hissy fit has now subsided and I can get on with life!

Because it has been such a gloomy, gray week -- I went back through old pictures on my old computer and found pictures I took of the YWCA (which was torn down this year).

Really folks -- never sweat the small stuff! Keep focused on what is good in your life and those God has blessed you with to call family and friends!

I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend!

;} Frances

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  1. Frances..If you ever have a computer problem Gary my neighbor is the man to call. He fixed ours after a local guy in town was unable to "really" fix it. Gary gave us an entire print out of what was going on w/our computer and what the possible reasons were and then a print out of what we should get to diagnose the problem. So please if anything ever goes "kaputt" w/your comp. give Gary a call.


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