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Thursday, September 24, 2009


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I love my new toys -- the CyberSyncs! Even though my speedlights can be triggered by the camera -- or by one of the flashes (SB-900) -- I have found myself in situations where line of sight was not possible, or there was too much sunlight interference.

I longed for Pocket Wizards -- but at $169.00 for each transceiver, it was going to be quite an investment for four. So, I searched the world over until I found true love (thank you Hee Haw) -- Paul C. Buffs (Alien Bees) CyberSync Radio Remote Control Triggers. They are about 50% less than the Pocket Wizards (PW). They don't have the crazy range of the PW's but, at this point, I'm not shooting anything a football field away -- so the CyberSyncs are perfect. For about the price of two PW transceivers (can be a transmitter or receiver), I was able to purchase 3 receivers and 1 transmitter.

Now, I'm not going to say that should I win the lottery, I'm not going to pick up some PWs, but gee, If I won the lottery, there's no telling what kindof crazy photography equipment I'd buy. Oh to dreammmmmmmmmmm!

Ok, snap back to reality!

I've found them really handy for indoor lighting. In this photo, the kitchen area was a little dark, so I added a flash behind the wall on the right side of the picture (almost in line with the mirror), and was able to provide more light to the kitchen. Without the CyberSync's, I would have had to figure out how to line up several speedlights so they could all maintain line of sight, to get the one in the kitchen to fire.

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So life is now much easier thanks to these wonderful itty, bitty, triggers (did I mention they are small -- and sturdy???).

If you are interested in learning more about the CyberSyncs, click on today's post title.

Have a great Thursday!

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