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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More and I do mean more dandelions

Dandelions are so interesting and complex. Love em! I still had the triptych video on my mind -- so luckily, I had numerous photos of dandelions that I could drop into the trip. At my dismay (sob), I would have had to crop my pics (which I didn't want to) to fit the scale, so to overcome this itsy-bitsy problem, I flipped the canvas around and by golly we got it goin on!

I desaturated the pictures, added a texture, brought back color in certain areas, added color with the paint brush in others. And finally, added some text.

Question. Why oh why did I flip the title around so that it is backwards? Oh, the inner child in me wanted it that way and right now the kid rules!

Have a happy Tuesday!


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