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Monday, May 4, 2009

More dandelions

I've been a busy girl playing with photos that I took over the weekend. This is a picture of dandelions I took the other day in Burk. I added 3 different layers of textures, used a Totally Rad Action (Cross Processed #1), and then painted in some turquoise, purple and yellow for a little more color.

I use the Totally Rad Actions quite a bit and was excited to receive an email regarding Doug's new website containing photographs with recipes. Click on the title "More dandelions" and it will take you to the TRA Recipes website where you can view photographs and the recipes used to create them.

Well, we're watching two games right now -- both our favs (cuz they're from Boston). The Redsocks are playing in NY, and the Celtics are in Boston playing the Magic. At this time, the Redsocks are leading the Yankees and the Celtics are catching up to the Magic (down 5 but were nearly 30 points down).

Have a wonderful evening.

Love -- Frances

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