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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Butterflies by the number

Well, it's time to quit playing (I probably should say "creating") -- but I love playing with pictures -- so playing works just fine! As you can probably tell -- I love colors! Here's the newest entry of the day "Butterflies by the numbers".


  1. I love this one, did you scan in the tape measures? This is a great shot and maybe you should use this in a journal? Do you photojournal? That was something one of my photography professors got me started on at school...and I love it! Keep up the awesome work, especially the mugshot of your dog, that was awesome!

  2. Hi Kym! No, I purchased a non-commercial copy from Digital Design Essentials in order to make a card. But I like your idea better :) and may just do that!!!! Way to go girl! I like the way you think. I don't keep a photo journal, just this blog. Not sure I could keep up with both. I love your pics! Your daughter (I'm guessing she is your daughter) is absolutely lovely! She has an amazing smile and beautiful blue eyes! I wish you had more pinhole pics on your website -- those are so intriguing! Thanks for the kind words! Frances


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