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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clear out your Camera!!!!!

To give you an idea of where the straw was when I started picture time this morning!

Hank AKA Bat Dog. Put some bat wings on this dude and by golly -- he's a bat!

Lola -- queen of the furry family

Yes- she is sticking her tongue out at me! Poor Blue.

Ok -- she's cleaned up her act in this one! Now we have a good portrait of Blue.

Duhhhhhhhh -- actually I was in a hurry, but you should always remember to zero out your camera before shooting. Why? Well, for example -- this morning, I was on the phone with Rick and I let the dogs in. Hank came in with this piece of grass hanging out of the side of his mouth like he was "chaaawwwwinnng" on it. So I told Rick, "I should hang up so I can grab my camera and get a shot of this"! Well, as luck would have it, the piece of grass was no longer in the really cute location -- because Hank found his piece of chewed up plastic to play with. But all was not lost - Blue and Lola were looking so stinkin cute that I wanted to see if I could get some shots of them. So I'm shooting away -- and not paying attention -- that my camera was bracketing 5 shots and the ISO was set at 640 (1 at the correct exposure, 2 over exposed and 2 under exposed). I do this for interior shots -- so that I can merge all the exposures and capture the highlight and shadow details. Well, crud - I've got pictures underexposed and overexposed - which I could fix in Photoshop (but really don't want to).

So -- note to self, I think I'm going to try to make sure that after every shoot, to zero it out (just in case I need to grab the camera again for something special) -- but you should always check it before shooting to make sure you don't have some wacky settings (like tungsten for outdoors --- or a high ISO for outdoors (you know what I mean)). And last thing, reformat your card every time!

Here are some of the pictures from this morning that started with me seeing Hank and his piece of grass. Enjoy!

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