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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carly Remix

Since I'm not out shooting people right now, I have to rely on old stuff. Here is a picture of Carly that I thought was soooooo cute -- and looked like a throw back to the 70's (don't ask me why -- I just did). But -- nonetheless -- I loved the photo and wanted to do something else with it when time permitted.

PS - President Bush just took off in the helicopter and we have a new President, President Barack Obama.

Back to the picture. I found another TTV frame on flickr and need to give credit to: (click on today's title -- it will take you to his flickr page!!!!). Thank you so much Scott for this frame.

Well -- the final product after processing -- I hope it looks like a throw back! Oh -- what I was thinking, for whatever reason I'm thinking 70's, Carly looks like she's thinking of someone (really dreamy), so -- I wanted to make this photo look old, and to look as if it was folded and tucked in some soldier's wallet. Where do I get these ideas from -- who knows -- lack of oxygen????????

Thanks and enjoy!

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