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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You can win!

I had mixed feelings about posting this, but, I thought long and hard -- and then decided, hey, I might have friends that poo poo surveys -- and may miss out on winning something. I purchase most of my camera gear through B&H Photo's website (no shipping due to NAPP membership), and had the opportunity in December to complete a survey. Well lo and behold, I won a B&H $250 gift card in December!!!!! So - the low down on this post is -- you may want to spend the extra 30 seconds to complete a survey, you never know when you will be the lucky winner. Just in case some of you don't believe me -- click on the title of today's post - and you'll see my name in lights -- I mean in print. Seriously -- I am now a survey taker! Last thought -- there are a lot of scams out there -- never give out your personal info (SSN, Bank Info, etc.). Good Luck!

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