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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Using Off Camera Flash

Wow, I just found out that my camera has a setting where my on camera flash can act as a master (commander mode), which can fire my SB-900 off camera. So, I've been playing around with it in a dark room (my work room). I found the video on You Tube this morning and thought I'd try it out. Sure enough, If I'd go through the thousands of menu settings on my camera, I would have eventually found it (right, in a million years). It's way to cold to play outside, so I turned off all the lights in my work room, set the camera to shutter priority, and played with both using the on camera flash and off camera flash together, and just firing the off camera flash. Wow, it's fun! Here's one of the pics using just the off camera flash hitting the silk flowers from the side (and up). It just goes to show, one should really take the time to read the manual from cover to cover. And no, I am not taking the rest of the day to read the manual. I will continue to find wonderful videos and websites with cool info!

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