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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

My dogs won't even cooperate when they are sleeping! They kept opening their eyes and moving around. I just wanted sweet, lovely photos of them snoozing! Lola is still the hardest to pin down for pictures. Poor little Hank has a sore spot on his lip (not sure how it happened - he's not giving up the goods) so he looks extra pouty today. Here are all three of my lovely four legged angels snoozing.

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  1. Frances, it's taken me a couple of days, but I've looked at your blog, and it's beautiful!!!! LOVE the doggie pictures, they're the best, and your artistic ones are awesome - my favorite is the tick tock bridge. You need to make your pics bigger on your page though! You can change the size in html, email me or call me and I'll tell you how, if you don't already know...


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