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Thursday, December 18, 2008

BYSP Christmas Party Part I

I had the pleasure last night of spending a wonderful evening with the BYSP family at the Wichita Falls Museum of Arts.

Jim Hughes, showed us his fabulous Lionel train collection. He has 20 train sets, the first train was given to Jim as a Christmas present by his parents in 1941. He and his helpers start setting up the trains -- I believe in August. The children (and adults) were totally fascinated by the trains. Jim ends the presentation by turning the house lights down and turning the train lights on. I can’t tell you what a beautiful site it is – you need to see it for yourself! He also plays I’m Proud to Be an American, and shows the center of the town, where the church is, and reminds us about the true meaning of Christmas.

We are so blessed to have Jim, his family, helpers and sponsors – who present this wonderful Christmas Train Collection! Thank you Jim (and son – I’m sorry, I did not get his name) for a delightful evening!

Please make time to see Jim’s display.

The absolutely delicious dinner was catered by BistroExpress (940)322-8808. What Stacey Curd didn’t know, is that Rick and I had eaten our last piece of chocolate and peppermint candy a couple of evenings before (I’d been rationing off little bits and pieces each night), so her dessert selection was so what I wanted! It was the most amazing chocolate cake, with a scrumptious white frosting with a slight hint of mint. MMMMMMMMM, YUUUUUUUMMMMMYYYYY! Must have again!

Here are some pictures from the evening of the kids, the trains, and just stuff! PS -- A big shout out to all those at BYSP for inviting me -- and for sharing in a wonderful evening of food, fun and fellowship. To Terri -- the room was beautiful!

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