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Saturday, February 20, 2010

F3 19/50 - My Neighbor Bailey

Bailey is a pretty, sweet little thing. Whenever the dogs are out back (and she's out of course), she'll run up to the fence line and tries to play with my dogs. Mine just happen to be aloof. They'll walk up to her, go sniff, sniff, sniff, and then get back to the business at hand.

I try to squeeze my fat hands through the fence to pet her under her chin because she always looks so disappointed that the dogs won't run the fence line with her.
Doesn't she look like she could use a hug????

 rruuhhhhh roooooh -- someone's been playing in the dirt!

Have a wonderful, restful Saturday!

:~D Frances

PS -- it's another gray, gloomy day in Wichita Falls.


  1. Aww, sweet little thing, she needs a friend. I've never been one to believe in having just one dog. Two is always better. I hope her owners are kind to her.

  2. Sometimes she has a playmate (my neighbors daughter's dog) to play with. I think mine are rude, because they won't play with her (run the fence line). They're such snobs!!

  3. I am not a dog person; I hope this doesn't impact our internet friendship, fek.

    Now having said that, the second picture of Bailey makes me want to give her a quick pat on the head and maybe a scritch scratch under the chin.

  4. Hey CG -- I have four dogs, just in case you want to try and become a dog person. They grow on you!!!


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