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Monday, December 21, 2009

Images from Dallas


Toothbrush (ck)
Toothpaste (ck)
Lotion (ck)
Contacts/case/solution/eyeglasses (ck)
Makeup (ck)
Hair Products (ck)
Socks (ck)
Shoes (ck)
Underwear (ck)
PJ's (ck)
Jewelry (ck)
Camera/assorted camera equip (ck)
Coat (ck)
Scarf (ck)
Gloves (ck)
Me (ck)
Rick (ck)

Hmmmmmmmmmmm -- what's missing? Can you say clothes for two days?????? Duh, where are they. Oh, back home in the closet!!!!!! Drrr,deee, ddrrrrrrrrrr, drrrrrrrrrrr!

Yep, got to Dallas, and then, remembered my clothes hanging in the closet. Sweet Rick told me don't worry, we'll go shopping tomorrow. Me -- unnnnnnhhh, unnnnhhhh! It's the weekend before Christmas in Dallas. I hate shopping, I really hate shopping a week before Christmas, especially in Dallas!

I am sooooooo glad I didn't run into the same people three days in a row -- because I sported the same outfit for three day! Looking on the bright side -- I have clothes ready for next week's trip to Big D!

Anyhoo -- Rick treated me to a fun weekend of basketball! We watched the Mavs/Rockets on Friday, and the UT/UNC game on Saturday. The UT game was the inaugural basketball game in Cowboy's Stadium.  Words cannot describe how grand the new stadium is.  It's something you have to see for yourself.  It's Vegas baby, Vegas!

On the food front, Rick found a wonderful Italian restaurant in Highland Park called Patrizio's.  The food is fantastic!  The great thing about Patrizio's is if you don't see a pasta or sauce on the menu that you want, they'll whip it up for you!  They made me a wonderful pink vodka sauce with crispy bacon, and spinach.  It was fabulous!  Rick and I are making plans to have dinner there again soon.

Ok, enough chatter  -- on to the images from this weekend!

Coming out of the tunnel into Dealey Plaza. The Texas School Book Depository is  the bldg on the left.

Looking out from our room at the Fairmont
 Zooming the lens, view from our hotel
 Yet another image from our room at the Fairmont

Christmas lights in Highland Park  outside Patrizio's

That's all folks! Have a great week!

;~'} Frances


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  2. Oh no!! I can't believe you forgot your clothes. At least you packed up a scarf to change it up the next day. :)

  3. AWESOME photos! Love them all! Sorry you forgot your clothes--but at least you still had a great time!! :)


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