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Monday, November 9, 2009

Colors of Fall

Rick and I were out yesterday scouting fall foliage for a session I'll be shooting tomorrow. Poor Rick, I made him act as my model -- whenever I found a spot that I thought would look great behind the lens.

He of course -- is always patient and willing to help a girl out! While we were down by the river, I noticed a gentleman and his dog all decked out for Christmas.  He was out with his four legged friend and a two legged friend shooting pictures for his upcoming Christmas card.  Well you know me -- I love dogs!  I couldn't resist and asked the gentleman if I could take a picture of his buddy.

Isn't he (or is it a she????) adorable?  Anyhoo -- if you are wanting portraits with fall foliage, you need to head out now --- as the  leaves are "fall"ing fast!

Have a great week!

;~ `} Frances

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