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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rats, double rats, triple rats!

The Rangers made a good run at the playoffs, alas, it is over. Rats! They had a great year -- Pudge is back -- so we can all look forward to next year. Rick and I still have our other favorite team in -- The Boston Redsocks -- so all is not lost.

Go Boston!

Double rats -- my main computer is on the brink of total disaster. It all started last Thursday when I accidentally deleted my main work picture file. Yes, I cried like a hungry baby, with a wet, mushy diaper on. I looked at my external hard drive that acts as a backup -- and triple rats, it was full and hadn't backed up files since earlier this year!

I then took my computer to a local guy to see if he could recover my files -- a day later no luck. Then, the problems started. One thing after another. I did manage to recover some of my files that hadn't been written over through a program I downloaded from Glary (click on today's post title to check out their site).

Problems kept persisting until this morning when -- everything locked up -- and my computer wouldn't reboot. Now I'm pulling my hair out screaming like a banshee!

The only smart thing I did while my computer was up and running, was to erase everything on my external hard drive -- redo the settings for my backup, and backed up all my files. Whew -- one for my team.

My computer is now at (business name deleted)-- being worked on.

What did I learn? Make sure you backup often -- and that you check your backup drive to make sure it's working as you intended!!!!


Did I mention my other fav team is in the playoffs?

Hope you all have a wonderful week -- and that my computer is on it's way to complete good health!

Cheers to smart people who can fix computers and to having a laptop that works!

;} Frances

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