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Friday, October 16, 2009

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ffonts, Ffonts, and more Ffonts!

I must thank Rod Harlan for posting this site on his Twitter page. I can honestly say that I'm not that well versed on Twittering -- and it's pretty much hit and miss when I sign in.

Knock on wood - I signed in to my twitter account today -- and saw where Rod has posted a site for 30 Free Fonts!!!! If you're anything like me -- you get tired of the old fonts -- and are always searching for new (free) fonts.

You can check out the fonts by Clicking Here. Would you like another site with lots and lots of free fonts? Then check out Font Squirrel! I'm sure you'll find a font to your liking!

Now -- if you are using Windows Vista -- here's a link on how to add new fonts (I seem to forget this one)!

Thanks Rod -- and don't forget -- always check the txt file or read me files -- for the legal terms associated with the font!

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