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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue Tuseday

I'm sitting here at my computer burning some pictures to a DVD (not sure why it takes so long to burn them -- but, not going to ask a computer tech -- no way!!!) -- I  looked over at Blue and noticed he was looking like his cute, ole, photogenic self.

He has the biggest, dreamiest dog eyes ever! He can melt your heart with just one look. Rick and I laugh about how (before he was my dog) I thought he was part pit bull or something and was terrified of him. Little did I know, he's terrified of everything -- and that's why he acted tough.

Anyhoo, grabbed my camera, my SB-900 flash and the softbox (actually, they're all in the office waiting to be used) and snapped a few pics of his adorable mug.

I'm really digging my soft box (LiteDome).  It's wonderful for 1-person (or pet) portraits.  It's easy to put together -- and makes a wonderful soft, diffused light.  I used it for my updated self portrait too (click on the email me link for my updated profile pic -- I thought my last one looked like I was begging -- so I felt compelled to come up with a new pic).

If you're like me and don't have fancy lighting (I have several Nikon flashes), check out the LiteDome link, watch their video -- and consider adding this to your arsenal.  

Well, back to burning files!

Have a great Tuesday!

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