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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HH100 Part Deux

Words cannot describe how awesome it is to watch the start of the HH100 bike ride! We had over 14,205 racers and riders at this year's event! I especially love the USAF flyover at the beginning of the ride. Here's a video posted on YouTube that gives you a little flavor of what it's like to be on Scott Street in Wichita Falls at the start of HHH.

Following are pictures I took at the start of the ride. Click on each image for a larger picture.

This is the dude that was selling lemonade! Well, it was his proxy before his booth opened.

I was practicing taking motion blur pictures (like I need practice taking blurry pictures!!!) of the riders. This one fascinated me, as it looks like there was a flag superimposed over the picture, when in fact, it's just the colors of the riders going by that made this cool, blurry photo.

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