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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vanishing Point in Photoshop

Original photo with light poles and sign

Using the vanishing tool (maybe 3 minutes tops)

Old school using the clone stamp, cut and paste and layers

I've always known that the vanishing point filter was in Photoshop -- but never took the time to understand its purpose. Duh, I could kick myself. I've been removing distractions from real estate photos the hard way (clone tool, cut and paste, layers, etc...). While at the Red Cross yesterday, I decided to check out one of my favorite websites and look at their tutorials. Since the computers at the Red Cross don't have sound, I made a mental note of the videos I'd like to see (and listen to) later.

This morning, I finally went back to the website to watch and listen. Vanishing point is amazing!!!!! I've posted a R/E photo that I took and the client later asked if I could remove the light pole and signs. I did so, but did it the hard way. I pulled up the same picture today -- and using the vanishing tool was able to remove the light pole in less than 3 minutes. This little area probably would have taken me at least 3 to 4 times longer doing it my old way.

Check out this video from Photo Answer if you'd like to see what an amazing and easy tool this is. If you'd like to search their website for Photoshop Elements & CS4, Photography and other tutorials, click on today's title (Vanishing Point in Photoshop).

Rick is treating me to a concert tonight (Andrea Bocelli) in Dallas. We saw him in Las Vegas last year -- and he is amazing!

I hope all of you will have an amazing weekend!

Love Frances


  1. Thanks for the tip, I will have to start listening and learning as well....have you tried the 3D shape tools in CS4 photoshop? We just got that software a few weeks ago, and it is fun!

  2. Amazing! This will help me with some of my photos. Thank you for sharing!


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