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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hank the Cow Dog

First of all, my dogs detest having their pictures taken. The biggest problem is they can't sit still. I managed to get a few shots of Hank the Cow Dog before the other two dogs totally screwed up his ability to focus on sitting still and looking pretty. Hank came to me through a crazy string of people. He was found all alone in a vacated apartment in Dallas by his guardian angel Jenna. The wonderful person who saved him is Rick's partner's daughter. I however, did not hear about the dog through her, I got a picture of him from a friend, who got the picture from her friend in Dallas, who was dating a guy from Wichita Falls, whose son got the picture from Rick's partner's daughter in Dallas. Are you totally confused yet? You should be. I get confused telling it! Hank is soooooo smart. Lola one of my other dogs, takes her toys out and I can get Hank to bring them back in! Hank knows the difference between ball, bone, and fish. So whenever I see Lola's toys in the back yard, I ask Hank to go fetch, and he brings the correct toy in. I just can't imagine anyone leaving a helpless puppy in an empty apartment with no food or water. I'm just thankful that Jenna heard Hank's whimpers and went to the rescue. I'm thankful to Lisa who got the info with the picture to Carolyn who then got it to me and the rest is history! If I can ever get the other two dogs to sit still, I'll post their lovely mugs!

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