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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michael, Carolyn and their four legged family

This is my bff Carolyn and her husband Michael. They've had a tough year as they lost two of their girls Jenny (golden mix) and Pup (poodle). These girls were part of the family for many years and were loyal and wonderful companions. I enjoyed dog sitting -- because those girls really knew how to show love and left me with lots of dog kisses and furry legs. I miss them.

Scruffy butt (the perky eared one in Carolyn's lap) was getting lonely without his two big sisters - so Carolyn and Michael went on a search at the shelter for a companion and friend for Scruffy butt. Well, they found two -- Pepper (in the center) was from the local Humane Society and Cassie (I call her Prissie -- because she just is) came from a family who inherited the dog from their father and could not keep her any longer.

The girls can never replace Jenny and Pup, but they have already shown us that there's allot of love packed into their teenie tiny bodies.

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